Google's Secret Weapon To Compete With Microsoft and Apple

Google seems to not remain silent amid the competitive world of tablet and hybrid gadget. Microsoft worked with Intel to design Hybrid Ultrabook, while relying on Apple iPad and Macbook Air.

Through Motorola, Google seems to have set up a weapon to deal with Microsoft and Apple, the smartphone Motorola Atrix and devices called "Lapdock". Combination with the smartphone Motorola Atrix Lapdock will produce a joint function between the smartphone and the computer.

This hybrid smartphone, can function as normal and can function as a laptop / PC by adding a device called Lapdock. Motorola Mobility is now owned by Google has set up a software solution for hybrid smartphone, the software is "Webtop".

Webtop was developed by Motorola engineers in mid-2009 and produce a phone that could change the function of a desktop computer using an additional dock.

Not only that, Webtop is also optimized for internet browsing with support for Firefox browser that has been embedded in the webtop.

"Firefox is a browser with complete features including download and upload and support for flash player and multitasking capabilities. You can optimize the experience of using a smartphone with a keyboard, mouse and large screen via Webtop technology, "said Seang Chau, Motorola's main engineer.

Motorola's ever showing off prototypes at CES 2011 Webtop featuring Atrix smartphone complete with dock and a standard monitor screen.

As quoted by CNET, smartphone Motorola Atrix also been equipped with complete features and support for HSPA + and 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution).

The concept of hybrid smartphone with desktop computers is expected to attract enough market. Google competitors like Microsoft and Apple has yet to have a hybrid solution like the Motorola Atrix smartphone.


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