Unique artwork created from the computer keyboard

Creating unique things using unusual objects is an art that only a few can perform, and if this creativity makes use of recycling then that would be the best thing in today a€™s world where there is a scarcity of time as well as resources.

In the same context, various artists have managed to create beautiful things out of unused and obsolete keyboards and have taken recycling to a new level.

And this is the result of some creative works of art created from the computer keyboard

Keyboard Viper
Keyboard Viper by Choi Jung Hyun

Painter Choi Jung has made an art piece known as Viper with computer keyboards. This masterpiece was exposed in an exhibition for making people conscious about recycling. This piece of art resembles a real viper with large hinged fangs, a large head, and shady pattern on its lighter background.

Keyboard shoe
QWERTY Keyboard Shoe for Super-Geeky Footprints

Another recycled product made using keyboards was seen at the 14th China International Clothing and Accessories Fair. The fair was held on April 4 in Beijing. The soles of Keyboard Shoes are made up of durable material and the upper part is wrapped with keys of a computer keyboard. The unique design also won price in the sports category.

Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse
Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse from perpetualkid

A beautiful shoulder purse has been created using keys of a computer keyboard. Termed as ‘Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse’, this purse can make you feel smart and environmentally aware. The stylish design and redecorated appeal of this purse will make others also “go green” with envy. It is 7.5 inches in height and 9.5 inches wide and has a strap of 20 inches.

Wolfgang Keyboard Bench
Nolan Herbut’s Wolfgang Keyboard Bench

Wolfgang Keyboard Bench designed by Nolan Herbut is another remarkable and thought provoking recycled design. The swollen structure of the bench has been laid on Baltic Birch frame and requires almost 2,000 computer keyboard keys.

Jac Zagoory rollerball pen
Jac Zagoory Rollerball – Pocket PC Keyboard

Avery unique rollerball pen has been designed by Jac Zagoory in New York. Beautifully designed, heavy, full sized rollerball is well suited for a gift item and is priced at $99.00. New York based company Jac Zagoory Designs is famous for providing unique and thought provoking tools of writing. It has also come up with remarkable and artistic pen holders, staplers, staple removers, and other desk items.

Text-ile chair
Text-ile chair by Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm

The keyboard chair is a very innovative concept of re-usability designed by Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm. The chair has been named as ‘Text-ile chair’ and was designed for a workshop focusing re-use design. Though not very comfortable to sit, the chair has been created using discarded keyboards making the concept appreciable.

Mixed media art
Mixed media art by Maurice Mbikayi

Outdated keyboards and idle USB cables could be found in almost every home. A little effort and an artistic eye can transform these keyboards and USB wires into splendid art items. A collection of media collages have been made to depict a similar sense of art. These collages have been made using computer hardware, plastic cups, and tape measures. A man holding a gun, side faces of a boy and a girl, etc. are some eye-catching collages of this type.

Recycled Keyboard Notebook
Cool green notebook uses 62 keyboard keys to line the cover.

The world around is going green and what we need to do is recycle the unused gadgets instead of throwing them in trash. The recycled keyboard notebooks are similar recycled products that have been made using unused and destroyed keyboards. They are very simple and fascinating to design. Cover of the notebook is wrapped using keys of a keyboard. The go green notebooks use 62 keyboard keys to completely bind the cover and are priced at $16.99.

Handbags made from computer keyboard keys.

These fashionable hand bags have been designed by Joao Sabino, a Portuguese industrial designer. This bag is termed as ‘Keybag’ as it has been created using keys of a computer keyboard. A single bag uses 393 computer keys and is available in four different colors i.e. red, black, white, and pink. Attractive design and durable material used in the bags make them trendy as well as utilizable. Their stylish looks have made them quite famous among youngsters.

Skull made from computer keyboard
Maurice Mbikayi made a skull from computer keyboards.

The artist, Maurice Mbikayi, has created a unique skull using the keys of a computer keyboard. The skull is very much like a true skull and appears as if keys are stuck on a real skull. This design has been created to signify technology dependent society. The main motive was to highlight social harms that have been created by technology. We rarely find children playing in streets nowadays. Instead they are busy playing video games, fidgeting computers or electronics, which have made them sedentary and fragile.

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