10 People living from something that is impossible

Sometimes a person can not appreciate life and to appreciate what it has, but at other times, a lot of man who will do anything to get a life, for the second time.

The following are the 10 stories that will make you appreciate life:

1. Vesva Vulovic
Flight attendant who survived the terrorist attacks on the height of 33,000 feet.

On January 26, 1972, a Yugoslav airlines DC-9 departed from Copenhagen, Beogard, with 28 passengers and crew. At an altitude of 33 000 feet, was found a bomb planted in the cargo hold by the Ustashe Croatian separatist group and exploded. The aircraft was destroyed and fell in the mountains. And the phenomenal story of all time, stewardess Vesna Vulovic survived the altitude 33 000 feet by sitting on the tail.

Vulovic 22-year-old should not even exist in the plane. As he said in an interview, he said it was another Vesna who should be in the plane, but he's happy and feeling mixed up because it is allowed to make his first trip to Denmark. Because of that incident, he suffered a fractured skull injury with two broken legs and three broken vertebrae, one of which destroyed him paralyzed from the waist to the bottom.

Vulovic spent several months in and out of hospitals and operations that enable it to walk again. He became a celebrity when the Guinness Book of World Records invited him to a ceremony in London with Paul McCartney. He was listed as being able to survive the fall without a parachute.

2. Frane Selak
Escaped from a derailed train accident, the aircraft door is open, bus crash, car fire, two other car accident, then won the lottery millions of dollars.

Luck has always been there or vice versa, for a music teacher Frane Selak Croatia (born 1929), which is famous throughout the world since escaped many fatal accidents. The first is a near-death experiences with cold starts in January 1962, when he was in the train to DuBovnik train suddenly derailed into an icy river, killing 17 passengers. He managed to escape with a broken arm, a few scrapes and bruises.

A year later, Selak flying from Zagreb to Rijeka, when a sudden wind blew from the aircraft cockpit, and fly the aircraft door, he fell from the plane. The accident killed 19 people, but Selak lucky landed in a haystack, and wake up several days later in hospital with minor injuries.

In 1966, he had an accident while traveling in three buses that crash and plunged into a river. There are four people who died. Astonishingly, Selak managed to escape without getting hurt again.

In 1970, Selak drove the car when his car suddenly caught fire. Luckily, he managed to leave the car before the fuel tank exploded. Three years later, Selak car returned fire, the fire is blown from the air vents. This is the most intense anxiety, he lost most of his hair.

In 1995, Selak was in Zagreb when he was hit by a bus, again leaving nothing but minor injuries.

The following year when he drove through a mountain road, Selak hit the guardrail to avoid an approaching truck and landed in a tree and his car exploded 300 feet below.

In a surprising turn of events in 2003, Selak won the million dollar lottery Croatia.

3. Andes Survivors
Fall of the Andes mountains and survive for 72 days

On Friday October 13, 1972, an air force flew over the Andes brings uruguay Rugby team from Stella Maris College Monteviseo, Uruguay to play a match in Santiago, Chile. When the planes that flew through a gap in the mountains, the air monitoring in Santiago tells the pilot that the aircraft is above the Curico, Chile and allowed to land. This proved to be a fatal mistake. Because the gap is covered with clouds, the pilot must rely on the time it normally takes to traverse the mountain.

But they failed to take into account the strong winds that in turn slow down the aircraft and increase the time required to traverse the mountains. As a result, there was a deflection and a decrease in the plane is too fast before the aircraft had crossed the mountain.

Twelve people were killed in the crash. The people who survived not only have to starve and face the daunting mountains, but also when the temperature is -30 degrees at night. They survive on food reserves they had until they were rescued, but they lose hope when they heard that the search had been halted on the radio. Discouraged by the lack of food and physical exhaustion, they were forced to eat their own colleagues who have died to keep alive.

Finally, after bored with extremely low temperatures and the threat of landslides and saddened by the death of their spouse and the bad rescue prospects, two of them decided to cross the mountains to reach Chile. On December 22, 1972, after the isolated 72 days, the world knows that there are 16 survivors in the Andes mountains.

4. Anatoli Bugorski
The man who survived from a ray particle escalator
As a researcher at the Institute of High-energy Physics in Protvino, Bugorski work with the largest Soviet particle escalator. On July 13, 1978, he was examining a piece of equipment that does not work when the accident occurred due to failure of safety mechanisms. He was leaning over the equipment when it raises its head in the section where the proton beam shines.

Reported that he saw the light of "a thousand times the brightness of the sun", but do not feel sick. Beam measured about 200,000 rads when it entered the skull, and about 300.00 rad when it came out after colliding with the inside of his head.

The left half part Bugorski face swell and make it beyond recognition and for several days started peeling off, leaving a proton beam that had burned part of his face, bone and brain tissue underneath.

As once believed, that about 500-600 rads is enough to kill someone, he was taken to a clinic in Moscow where the doctors are expected to observe his death. However Burgoski survived and even completed his Ph.D. in education. Virtually no damage to the intelekual ability, but mental fatigue of work rose sharply. He completely lost hearing in his left ear and the buzz is still often feels uncomfortable. The left face froze and nerve damage.

5. Roy Sullivan
Struck by lightning 7 times

Roy was a sheriff in Virginia that has a tremendous attraction to lightning or rather lightning had a fascination for him. During the 36-year career as a ranger, he was struck by lightning seven times and survived each time struck. When lightning strikes a seventh, he registered himself in the Guinness Book of World Records:
  • In 1942, was first struck by lightning on the feet and nails are great.
  • In 1969, a second attack to make him unconscious and burned his eyebrows.
  • In 1970, he was struck by lightning again and make a torn shoulder.
  • In 1972, his hair on fire and soak his head to cool it.
  • In 1973, lightning snatched back by ripping off his hat and set fire to his head and threw him out of the truck and damaged his left shoe.
  • In the year 1976, making it an injury to the ankle.
  • In 1977, the last stroke that took him to the hospital with chest and stomach burns.
His wife was also struck once, when suddenly a lightning struck her as she and her husband were drying clothes in the backyard. On 28 September 1983, Roy died at age 71, reportedly shot by a rifle shotgun that has nothing to do with lightning.

6. Joe Simpson
Conquer Siula grande, fell 100 feet into the ice cliff, and crawl for 3 days

Joe Simpson and Simon Yates were the first to successfully climb the peak of Siula Grande, in the Andes, Peru. Disaster happened on the way down, and Yates was forced to let a badly wounded Simpson fell 100 feet into the ice cliff. Simpson survived the fall and spent three days to crawl back to the main camp.

7. Truman Duncan
Split in half by train

Train officers Truman Duncan fell in front of a moving train. He was crushed underneath and cut in half. Despite losing both legs and kidneys, Duncan survived for 45 minutes, then survive by performing 23 operations.

8. Aron Ralston
Amputation of the right forearm in order to survive in the mountains

On May 2003, Aron Ralston while on his way to Blu John Canyon canyoneering, a stone fell and squeeze his right arm and destroy arms. After trying for five days of lift and break the stone, making him a name, date of birth and death dates on the stone, drank their own urine because of lack of water and record video farewell to his family.

Finally after a dehydrated and delirious, he decided to bend his arm against the urging of the stone and break bones radius and ulna. Using a blunt knife multiuse tool, he cut the soft tissue around a broken arm. He then used the pliers to cut the hard tendon. After Ralston was saved, his arm was taken by the park authorities and removed from under the rock. Cremated and given to Ralston. He returned to the stone and ashes sprinkled there.

9. Robert Evans
Survived after being hit by cars and trains an hour later
On a morning in September 2008, a homeless 46-year-old, Robert Evans was hit by a car running, and when walking home from the hospital to the camp, he knocked off a narrow railroad bridge into the river by train, survived the second crash in seven hours.

Police said Evans was hit by a train steps at the side of the train. Railway bridge was just enough to accommodate the railway and not for pedestrians or other traffic.

10. Mauro Prosperi
Survive 9 days in the Sahara Desert
Prospei, a marathon runner des Sables in Morocco in 1994. After passing a distance of 6 days and 233 kilometers of the desert storm caused Prosperi to lose the way. Eventually he was confused and run in the wrong direction, ultimately running several hundred kilometers into Algeria. After 36 hours he ran out of food and water.

He survived by drinking his own urine and eating bats living in a mosque that had been abandoned and sometimes snakes found in the desert. Do not want to die in the desert, he attempted suicide in the mosque premises with his wrists cut a small knife he had. His efforts failed because of lack of water causes the blood to thicken and clotted before he could die.

After nine days alone in the desert, he was discovered by a nomadic family and taken to an Algerian military camp, and from there taken to the hospital. He has lost 186 miles of the marathon route, and is reported to have lost weight about 30-40 pounds.

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