5 Hotels that have the Most Dramatic Swimming Pool

Some of the existing swimming pool at the hotel sometimes have more objective, as well as a place to swim. Pool - the pool is designed to make a dramatic impression and enhance the natural sensation when you swim in it. Infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is an example of that is amazing.

Skypark pool on Marina Bay Sands Hotel, in Singapore, is one of the most magnificent pools on earth. The so-called "infinity-pool" perched 200 feet above the ground on top of three skyscrapers offer a view that inspires the imagination of the city skyline.

Today swimming pools began to appear at an altitude above the skyscrapers of New York, Bali to Sydney. When the infinity-pool starting becoming more common, designers have come up with something new to increase contributions. More recently, a swimming tank with sides and floor cantilever transparently have started getting international attention.

InterContinental Hotel, Festival City, Dubai
At the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City, the transparent plexiglass beyond the edge of the hotel building, overlooking the Dubai Skyline. Swimming has a curved and transparent basis the person that runs beneath the swimmer can see that there is on it. Make sure you wear a bathing suit you best.

Hilton Hotel, Auckland
Swimming at the Hilton Hotel, Auckland has a similar design, but this pool has a solid foundation. Swimming pools are separated between two buildings that make up this hotel to be dramatic. There is also the gallery below to see the pool so guests can see the action of the swimmer down.

Joule Hotel, Dallas
Pool depends on the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas, widened eight feet out on the floor of building 10 -. This pool also has a plexiglass wall at its end facing the street, so that swimmers can look down (the city below) also pedestrians can see the swimmers.

Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne
Rooftop pool at the Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, has a glass base and cantilevers over Flinders lane from a height of 9 floors. 25 meter, heated salt pool offers a unique view of the street scene below through the clear Perspex pool floor.

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  1. These pools definitely have their own personalities. The greatest challenge in building a pool, especially hotel pools, is conceptualizing a design that is unique and functional at the same time. Having that edge can certainly affect the people’s experience in the pool – in a good or a bad way.


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