These ticks can pierce the skin T-Rex

These ticks can pierce skin of T-Rex
With a size ten times larger than today's version ticks, either what it was like being bitten by these animals. Luckily, these mites are extinct.

Scientists find ticks ancient with a leg that could grip the hard skin of the largest dinosaurs. T-rex skin can be penetrated.

Professor George Poinar Jnr, from Oregon State University describes these two species of predatory bugs.

These ticks have a name Pseudopulex jurassicus and Pseudopulex magnus.

"From the size of their nose, we can know they are very evil. Stitches will feel like a syringe. Shot ticks, not the flu vaccine," Poinar said as quoted by

Ticks are found among the fossils in Mongolia. It is estimated these ancient animals lived during the Jurassic. The only happy the dinosaurs, these ticks can not jump like ticks today. "Fossil compression" is a native insect preserved as fossils for millions of years.

"We should be grateful, modern ticks can not for this," said professor emeritus of zoology is. The discovery of fossils of organisms similar to this ticks, following the results of his research was published online in the journal Current Biology. (ren)


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