Cities such as heaven and like hell, you can compare it yourself.

On earth there are cities in the blessed by God, so it looks like heaven in terms of both vision and side perspective view of the atmosphere. Here's a list of cities that are considered of "Heaven" in the world:


Singapore is the cleanest city in the world. City built by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffless is a very strategic city and lies on the path to the flow of trade between countries and between continents.

Although most of the population are immigrants from all over in world, but the Singapore government is very strict discipline so that the cleanliness of the city very awake.

You will not find cigarette butts, beverage cans, the rest of the chewing gum, or garbage strewn in the city. This makes Singapore one of the favorite places for tourists and business transactions.

Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich is located in Switzerland, established as the best city to live in the world based on the version of the Mercer consultant.

This assessment is made ​​based on several factors, namely the problem of traffic, air quality, and reports from expatriates scattered in 600 cities around the world.

Cities with population of 347 517 people has a life expectancy of 80 years. Excellent place to visit.

Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is the best tourist cities in the world by Travel + Leisure website version in 2008. Bangkok is judged to have lots of great sights, beautiful scenery, and good hotels.

It is estimated about 15 million foreign tourists came to Bangkok every year. The city is relying on some historic places most visited in Thailand such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. The city is also a growing city with tall buildings, the fastest in Asia.

Paris, France.

Paris is a city of fashion and art centers of the world. This is where a wide range of works of art from around the world, including the results of the renowned artwork throughout Europe are Reinassance era. Museum Lovre the largest and most comprehensive art museums in Europe are located in the city.

In addition, Paris also keeps a variety of magnificent works of architecture and interesting. In this city there is the Eiffel Tower, the cathedral Notradame, and the Arc de Triumph is much visited by foreign tourists.

Not only as an art city, Paris is also known for its quality educational institutions and city parks are beautiful. About 30 million tourists from all over the world visit to one of the heavenly city of the world every year.

Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm is the heaven where the angels gather. Yes, this is the city that are considered to have a lot of beautiful women in the world, both in terms of physical beauty, attitude and behavior, kindness, and manners of behaving.

Woman in Stockholm is also highly educated.

All women can speak good English so there are no barriers in communication for tourists and newcomers. Stockholm woman can make you feel happy with every possible way.

In addition to the cities of Heaven above, some cities are also considered as the City of Hell for some reason, want to know?

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

In this city, disease is really rampant. More than 115 people with HIV appear each month, so it becomes the worst place to live in a world based on voting in 2004 of economic intelligence.

Uncontrolled population, rape, and theft of adding complexity. On the street there is MI6, the gang stole a lot of banks and shops.

Linfen, China.

The city was determined as a polluted city in the world version of the Blacksmith Institute. 

Urban air is very dark due to the coal mining industry and food and motor vehicle emissions are very severe and do not pay attention to environmental impact. Visibility was very close to make you have to keep around and also use a mask.

Bujumbura, Republic of Burundi.

With the lowest per capita income figures coupled with a very severe corruption, this country became the world's poorest countries. Moreover, the killing of political leaders from the civil war that has not yet peace, a lot happens in this town. 

Bujumbura, a city in west Africa is not a good place for a vacation.

Pyongyang, North Korea.

There is no freedom in this city. Everything has been arranged by the government in power. Pyongyang is a city full of pressure and political repression by the communist government of North Korea. 

The city was rebuilt after the collapse of the Korean War (1950-1953) has only one TV channel and radio station controlled by the government anyway.

Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Nuclear explosion in 1986, the city became destroyed and all living creatures contaminated by nuclear radiation caused. 
The total area affected by radiation reaching the 233 000 square kilometers.

The resulting radiation is about 400 times stronger than the radiation of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 
Some 50,000 citizens have been evacuated from the city so the city became a ghost town.

Oklahoma, United States.

Tornado very often sweep this city.
Especially around the month of March to August.
Not a good place to settle in this city.

Mogadishu, Somalia.

The law is something that will never be found in this city. 
Since the uprising in 1992, the city has not gotten back to peace. 
Poverty and drought caused famine victims everywhere.

Yakutsk, Russia.

A place that has the world's most extreme temperatures. 
Temperatures in this town revolves around the 50 degrees Celsius below zero and forced schools often closed. 

You would need multiple layers of jackets and blankets to sleep comfortably in this city. Thick fog made ​​visibility only 10 meters.

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Deccan than to bear the political burden that is often chaotic in the country, also have to bear the burden of air pollution and poverty. 

Continually 9.7 million tons of garbage dumped by the river in the city each year and make this city a subscription flooding.


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