8 Concept of Super-advanced Mobile Phones in the Future

Mobile phone technology will be increasingly sophisticated. In the future, may be scattered handset with form and function that have not imagined this moment.

Some designers try and figure out the concept of future mobile phones. Although not yet materialized in the real world, there remains the possibility of a very sophisticated handset is a time to be a regular item.

Here are some of the future mobile phone concept is amazing:

Sticker Phone
Sticker Phone

As the name implies, this concept phone can be placed anywhere such as windows. With solar panels, mobile phones can also be directly recharged the battery if attached to a window that facing the sun. 

Leaf Phone
Leaf Phone

Designed by Anastasia Zharkova, Leaf Phone looks aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. It looked like two pieces of leaves held together by a sort of rope. This handset can also be wrapped around to different parts of the body such as arms or neck.


Handsets designed by Mac Funamizu this sophisticated look, with a futuristic 3-D screen. For example, if users find locations on Google Maps, then the buildings would appear as if out of the screen. While all parts of the body is made of glass.

Window Phone
window phone

The concept was designed by Seunghan Song. body of the handset is almost completely transparent. One was to display the weather conditions in real time. The screen also recognize text with just a finger scratches. The screen on the handset can change according to weather conditions, such as snow blanketed nearly the entire body phone if the weather is cold.


Handset, the work of designer Emir Rifat won first prize in the race designe Week 2007 in Istanbul Turkey. With the flexible screen material, Packet initially only a small phone. But apparently he had a lot of folds that can be opened so that its size can be enlarged.

Nokia Morph

With nano technology, the Nokia Morph has an flexible body and a transparent screen that can be changed shape according to the wishes of the user. In fact, this handset can also clean up his own body. Sophisticated is not it?

Fujitsu Pebble

This handset seems unremarkable. But in fact very unique, where an initial screen only displays a black dot, it can be transformed into a keypad, browser and other functions. Simply by pressing the handset in certain parts.

Mobile Script

The handset is initially only visible rectangular. In it, there is a large screen that is hidden. If issued, a fairly large screen that can be used to perform various functions, including multimedia content with a relieved look.

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