Fastest Internet Connection in the World

German telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom, has claimed a record-breaking speed of data transfer in optical fiber networks.

Speed ​​achieved is 400 Gigabit per second (Gbps), performed in a single channel fiber optic network. The record is two times higher than the speed ever achieved by researchers in the United States and Canada last year, amounting to 186 Gbps.

Deutsche Telekom confirmed that the record was made to transfer the data remotely and outside the laboratory.

Experiments done by sending data through a proprietary network that extends between Berlin and Hanover, is about 734 km.

In the experiment, the company managed to send up to 512 Gbps of data on each channel, in which 400 Gbps is the data used, while the remaining capacity is used for error correction. This is equivalent to the transmission 77 music CDs simultaneously in one second.

Size, optical fiber thinner than a human hair, capable of carrying a total of 48 channels, so as to produce speeds up to 24.6 Tbps (terabits per second), equivalent to 3.696 of a second CD.

The company explains, the success was achieved in cooperation with Alcatel Lucent to create new technologies that are installed in each terminal station at each end of the optical fiber.

Pace of improvement was achieved after the software used for the purposes of forward error correction - a technique that encode the password and then unload the data, allowing only a few broken bits that must be corrected without having to resend the information.

The Company now plans to develop the technology to ensure users can enjoy seamless service.


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