Variety of Latte Art on Coffee

Latte or Caffè latte (in Italian, which means coffee milk) espresso or coffee is mixed with milk and has a thin layer of foam on top. Comparison between milk with coffee on caffè latte is 3:1. This drink was first invented in Italy in late 1950 by Lino Meiorin. He is the owner of a cafe and is the first of the Italian barista.

The cafe visitors, when it is not used to the taste of a traditional cappuccino is very sharp and therefore ask for more milk (latte) to be mixed with coffee. Eventually Lino decided to sell espresso drinks with more milk and call it a "caffè latte". At that time, he presents a caffè latte in a bowl and then switched to a glass of beer. Now, caffè latte served in a cup and embellished with a touch of art.

One important factor is the quality of a latte frothing milk whose function is to enhance and strengthen the flavor of coffee, not vice versa. So if you think milk latte is not more dominant than the coffee, or coffee with a little taste of milk. To achieve these criteria would need a high-powered espresso machine frothing process to actually produce fine foam or micro foam in the milk, in addition to the technical skill of the barista.

The following are some pictures of the latte art:

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