This Monsters that Inhabit your Clothes

You will not realize this until there is a hole creation on your favorite jacket. This time, we will see the monster up close. Now, being inhabitants of cabinets, carpets, clothes and even food is successfully magnified 150 times through 3D images. The results, detailed images of insects crawling around can be seen clearly.

Retired scientists and photographers 'macro' Stephen Gschmeissner (62) of Bedford is directing an electron microscope EUR 100 thousand (Rp1, 4 billion) in insects is to create a photo tour of remarkable in their own homes.

"I want to show the insects that live alongside us everyday," he said. These creatures are a creature that can tear down your house, such as termites.

"People do not realize what was going on under the mattress, carpets and in closets. We can see these creatures until he damaged something, "he said. Electron microscope that is used to generate 3D images using electrons instead of light, he said as quoted Dailymail.

According to experts, home care, keeping clothes clean and varnish the wood can be done to reduce insect attack, but to completely eliminate it is an impossible thing.

'Macro' photographer Stephen Gschmeissner using scanning electron micrographs to create 3D images of the common furniture beetle emerged from the pit of wood

These worker termites eat wood, paper and carpet

Carpet beetle larvae are a significant pest, feeding on animal material, including fur, feathers, hair and skin

German cockroaches contaminate food and feed in toothpaste and books

These clothes moths feed on cotton and wool, destroy valuable clothing

A French book that was damaged by the Order Isoptera the termites that eat wood and paper and can cause considerable damage to buildings and property


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