A little girl that Super Genius

Elise Tan-Robert, blessed with extraordinary intelligence. On intelligence tests with system IQ (Intellectual Quotient), cute boy from North London scored 156 or go supergenius category, well above the 140 as a benchmark group of boy genius.

Because of its merits, the Elise went on to become the youngest member of Menza, international organizations for human communities IQ above 130 or superior group.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the signs of intelligence Elise looks on everyday behavior. Daily Mail journalist who last week visited his home-made ​​shock absorbers when the boy was greeted by a smart question. "What form is this?" he asked, showing a shape up by using the index finger and thumb together. Questions were answered himself, "This is an equilateral triangle."

His mother, Louise, 28, said that Elise was born has shown several advantages. Less than five months, Elise was able to call his father as "Dada". "Three months later she was able to walk, at the age of 8 months, then the next two months to run," said Louise.

Even before the first birthday celebrations, he was able to understand written his name. Then, when he was 16 months, Elise was able to count to 10.

The answers are not unusual for his age that led to speculation of a number of parties whether ability is the result of rigorous training of parents who are ambitious and want to show her great ability.


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