Macintosh virus 'Flashback' Stealing $10,000 from Google every day

Macintosh Virus Flasback
Still remember the Flashback virus that attacks Mac users some time ago? Yes, a malicious program that infects hundreds of thousands of computers that were successfully steal $ 10,000 per day from Google. Money is certainly not directly come from Google, but the creator of the virus is cleverly using the search engine service for personal gain.

Flashback it is designed to perform a search in Google, but the search results later, it directs users to another page that has been selected in the virus. This is where they earned from the number of pages clicked, write Symantec via his official blog.

Flashback is a virus that is quite unique. When successfully infect victim computer, these malicious programs will then be infiltrated into the browser to manipulate the command 'post' and 'get' that exists in Safari, Firefox or even Chrome.

As a result, users who want to find a particular site would be directed to other sites that have been selected by the perpetrator. Well, here he managed to get money from every click that should belong to Google.

According to Symantec's analysis, with hundreds of thousands of computers already infected by Flashback, then the creator of the virus is expected to reap about $10,000 per day.

Flashback itself is one of the most disturbing evil proram. The virus is beginning to emerge late last year by posing as an update for Adobe Flash, and until now the virus is believed to have infected 750 thousand Mac users around the world.

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  1. Mac computers haven't experienced the vast number of viral attacks that Windows has over the years, but because Mac sales have grown, they are even more vulnerable to viruses.


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