5 of the world's most extreme elevator

For you, maybe the elevator is a means convenient and easy for you to rise to the top floor of a building, not wrong, because that's the elevator function.

But if the only way across the floor can you do with the elevator? You want to get the enjoyment of other by using the elevator? Just try elevators below, because in addition to the convenience of traveling between floors, you can also get your heart racing and adrenaline for free, do not believe?

Swiss Skydive Elevator

Swiss Skydive is an elevator that is designed to stimulate your adrenaline, how not, who can ride an elevator hundreds of feet in height, the bottom is made of high-tech metallic glass, so you can see the view below the elevator (which of course makes the heart beat very fast) without fear of falling.

Stockholm Globe Arena elevator

Stockholm globe arena is a unique construction Golf ball-shaped half in the city of Stockholm, one of the famous of these buildings is elevator, you can ride the top of a circular building with an elevator, of course, with a glass elevator so you can enjoy views of the city of Stockholm and snow also the sensation of height.

Bailong elevator

Bailong Elevator is one of the world's highest outdoor elevator, Elevators are located on the cliffs Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie, China. 

With this elevator, you can enjoy the thrill of climbing heights Wulingyuan with all its beauty at an altitude of 1070 feet (300 meters)

Taipei 101's elevator

Not the height of the elevator is challenging, but the speed increase. Just imagine, this elevator ride to the top with a speed of 37.7 mph, no wonder if the elevator was crowned as the world's fastest elevator, you get to floor 10 of the ground floor in just a few seconds.

Eiffel Tower Passenger Elevators

This is one of the most famous elevator in the world, the Eiffel Tower Passenger Elevators. This is an elevator that takes visitors to the Eiffel Tower can rise to the top of the Eiffel tower. 

These elevators are designed with an open form so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel tower and the city of paris.

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