When You Drawn Into A Black Hole

An illustration of the star being
sucked by a giant black hole (
What would happen if you pulled by a Black Hole?  The body becomes spaghetti?

There are still many mysteries about the universe. About how it was created, how exactly age, and of so many planets that have not known what the contents.

One of the mysteries which also makes experts wonder is the black hole. The black hole is considered the most bizarre places in the universe.

It was a huge black hole. The main hole is called "infinite point". Because so dark, even with no light whatever forces could infiltrate. So please imagine how dark the a giant hole.

The experts of astrophysical explain the circumstances black holes with given modality. Charles Liu, for example, explains that if you get in there, your body will be like toothpaste coming out of the packaging. So, he said, the hole was certainly not a tourist destination.

Scientists working for the Hayden Planetarium, said the United States when an object crosses the black hole, then he would have been affected by tidal forces as on earth. The strength of gravity decreases the distance. Month will be drawn closer to the earth with a bang.

The result, Earth's leaning towards the moon. Earth moves. Because land is so solid, we stand on it does not feel the movement. But that is on the surface sea water will flow. "That's the interaction of tides," said Liu.

Well the tides have become common events. But, be different if humans go into a black hole? Around the black hole the size of a planet, tidal forces will scale many times. The top of your head will be forced to continue to be drawn lengthwise.

Your brain will instantly separate from its constituent atoms. But, you have little time to browse the giant black hole.

Death in the largest black holes are not too bad just because the surface is less extreme.Hole about the size of the solar system has a tidal force that is not too strong.

"First of all, you approach the speed of light as they fall into a black hole. The faster you move in space, the slower you move through space, the slower you move through time," explained Liu.

When you fall, many objects that fall in front of you are experiencing "delay time". If you look to the future of black holes, objects that you see have fallen before. Looking ahead, you stare at an object will fall behind you.

"So, you'll see the entire history of the universe simultaneously. From the Big Bang to the future," said Liu.


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